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IONPURE silver ion antimicrobial EPA FDA registered

Brand Name︰IONPURE
Country of Origin︰Japan
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Product Description
IONPURE inorganic silver-ion antimicrobial agent is product of ISHIZUKA GLASS CO.,LTD. of Japan, registered to EPA & FDA (USA).
As the best effective inorganic anti-bacterial material, IONPURE is composed with silver ion and transparent mesh structure glass as a carrier. The silver ion provides an anti-bacterial effective of over 99.9% against very wide microorganisms including Methicillin-resistant microorganism, at a very low dosage of 0.3%. Adding IONPURE will bring very little affect to the transparency & color of plastic like PS, ABS, etc. IONPURE will not be consumed by bacterial, so it lasts almost life long as plastic product. So it is widely used for all plastics, textile, food package, toys, painting, etc.

Silver ion is slowly released at controlled speed from the glass mesh to kill bacterial and inhibit the growth of microorganism. The antimicrobial effect will not be influenced or reduced by light or heat. 

Comparing with other silver-ion antimicrobial material, IONPURE possesses the advantages:

*Various designs for different kinds of plastic.
*Very low dosage (0.3%) is adequate to achieve a very high effect.
*Keeps high transparency of plastic like PP, PC, ABS.
*With stable quality, IONPURE releases silver ion at a stable speed (tested through washing and boiling in water), so it kills bacterial steadily and permanently.
*Safe & environment protective (LD50>2000mg/kg), EPA & FDA registered.
*Stable under processing temperature 500C, so IONPURE is good for all plastic process of molding & intrusion.
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