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EPA registered Antimicrobial VINYZENE IT-4010 of Rohm & Haas

Model No.︰VINYZENE IT4010
Brand Name︰VINYZENE IT-4010
Country of Origin︰United States
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Product Description
VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP is an antimicrobial solution of 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one in a non-volatile plasticizer carrier. VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additive is an effective fungicide for use in Vinyl, polyurethane and other polymeric compostions requiring fungal protection. Low levels of VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additive will provide long term preservation against fungal attack and will help prevent surface growth, permanent staining, embrittlement and premature product failure.

VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additives is recommended for Vinyl film and sheeting, extruded profiles, plastisols, molded goods, organosols, fabric coatings, urethanes and urethane foams, and similar polymeric systems. The antimicrobial is compatible with most polymer formulations and will not discolor or detract from the protected product’s chemical or physical properties. VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additive solution can be conveniently incorporated into the formulation during the mixing or compounding processes.

Typical Properties
Active ingredient
Specific Gravity
Straw-colored, clear liquid

In General, VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additive is recommended at concentrations between 0.8% and 2.0%. For outdoor applications, a level of 2.0% is recommended in Vinyl formulations for maximum effectiveness. Rohm and Haas maintains extensive microbiological, chemical and physical testing facilities, antimicrobial tests,  in order to assist the manufacturer in determining the optimum level of antimicrobial agent required for each compound.
VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP contains 72.5% DIDP. Therefore, when using this product in a compound, the appropriate adjustment of plasticizer in the formulation must be made. For example, if 2% of VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP is used, then a 1.45% reduction of plasticizer is required to maintain equivalent plasticity. It is important to remember that the cost of using VINYZENE antimicrobial additives is, therefore, calculated as the difference in cost between the VINYZENE antimicrobial additive and the replaced plasticizer.
VINYZENE IT-4010 DIDP additive should be added early in the blending operation to assure homogeneity.
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