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EPA Registered Antimicrobial VINYZENE SB-27 of Rohm&Haas

Model No.︰VINYZENE SB-27
Brand Name︰VINYZENE SB-27
Country of Origin︰United States
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Product Description
VINYZENE SB-27 is an antimicrobial solution of Dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one in Polyvinyl chloride polymer carrier. VINYZENE SB-27 additive is an effective anti-bacterial & anti-fungi for use in Vinyl, polyurethane and other polymeric compositions requiring antimicrobial protection, providing long term preservation against bacterial/fungal attack and will help prevent surface growth, permanent staining, embrittlement and premature product failure.
VINYZENE™ SB-27, US EPA Approval: No. 2829-140

Normally antimicrobial material is applied to plastic in liquid solvent (like VINYZENE BP-505) or in powder carrier. While using antimicrobial in powder might cause dust hazard to human and equipment, antimicrobial in liquid solvent might cause danger to human skin and eyes.
VINYZENE SB-27 is provided in small pellet and will not cause dust or irritation hazard to human skin and eyes. No special measure is required for handling.
VINYZENE SB-27 is compatible with most of the resin and easily mixed with resin in any stage of the process. SB-27 will not change color or reduce the physical/chemical property of final product. Just mix like pellet color master batch during intrusion.
The product with VINYZENE SB-27 properly applied should be prevented from attack of bacterial and microorganism, even under exposure to high temperature and atrocious weather for long term.
Typical Properties
Active ingredient
9.9% DCOIT
Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer
66.0-68.0% PVC
Stacking density
Transparent light yellow pellet
Size of pellet
Approximately. 1.5 x 1.5 mm
Viscosity (current torque)
610 m-g
Melting point(ASTM D-3418)
63ºC (146ºF)

In general, VINYZENE SB-27 prevents growth of bacterial and microorganism at a low dosage. The dosage should be determined by sensitivity of final product to bacterial & microorganism, requirement to antimicrobial effect, the usage purpose of final product, outdoor condition. Following is a recommended dosage rate basing on a result of laboratory and actual working circumstance of final product:
Indoor usage: for PVC floor, wall paper, pad, automotive interior parts, parts inside refrigerator, bath curtain – 1.0% VINYZENE SB-27 (10kg/1000kg mixture).
Outdoor usage: for automotive exterior parts, raincoat, rain canopy, water drainage, pad for swimming pool, decoration for ships – 1.2% VINYZENE SB-27 (12kg/1000kg mixture).
The total resistance ability of plastic to atmospheric exposure might influence the activity of bacterial and microorganism exposed to atrocious weather. Rohm and Haas provide extensive microbiological, chemical and physical testing in order to assist the manufacturer in determining the optimum level of antimicrobial agent required for each compound.

Handling: avoid direct contact with skin. Thoroughly wash hands after handling.
Don’t contaminate water sources by cleaning equipment or wastewater treatment.
Storage: keep away from food or drinking water, store in sealable container.
Avoid exposure to environment.
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