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Antimicrobial SiS AM050 SPRAY for shoes

Model No.︰AM050 SPRAY
Country of Origin︰United States
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Product Description


Produced by SiShield Technologies Inc. of USA, SiS AM050 SPRAY is the first totally water-based Antimicrobial agent for textile and leather. AM050 SPRAY is highly safe to human and environment, non-toxic, non-irritation, inflammable, clean and clear liquid. AM050 SPRAY provides long-lasting antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungi that would not be removed by washing. The active content of AM050 is bonded to the surface of leather and textile tightly, forming a long-lasting antimicrobial protection. It is easily applied in factories to shoes, bags and most of the leather & textile product by spraying.




AM 050 SPRAY is a non-leaching antimicrobial that permanently bonded to the product surface. When microbes contact the product surface, its cell membrane is punctured and then killed immediately. So AM050 kills microbes in a mechanism way, instead of toxicity. This anti-microbial technology is registered to the EPA.




1.                  Advantages:


l           Bonded to product surface, kills microbe’s membrane in a mechanism way to protect product from microbe attack and odor. Its effect is long-lasting and safe.


l           As a non-leaching antimicrobial material, AM050 would not be consumed during killing microbes. The antimicrobial effect is almost as long as the product life.


l           AM050 is bonded tightly with almost all kinds of textile & leather, natural or complex.


l           AM050 content would not move from product to human skin or environment, non-irritation & non-toxic to skin, without RoHS forbidden content like heavy metal. It’s friendly to human and environment. The oral toxicity of AM050 active content is LD50 12.65g/kg, even much safer than common salt.


l           AM050 causes no adaption or resistance to microbes.




2.                  Application:


l           AM050 SPRAY is easily applied to shoes and other products. Just spray to the surface equally with spraying gun to achieve the long-lasting protection.


l           The suggested dosage of AM050 SPRAY is 4g-8g/ft² by spraying。




3.                  Suggested procedure:


l           Spray the shoes surface with AM050 SPRAY.


l           Drying with oven would achieve better and longer antimicrobial effect.


l           Textile surface is also simply treated by spraying & drying.




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